What does Champion Designs do?

Champion Designs helps your organization earn additional income by providing imprinted custom designed personalized sportswear on-site, for fundraising purposes at events and activities.

How much does it cost for Champion Designs to design an event logo?

Absolutely nothing! You’ll earn money, not spend it.

How many colors can your event logo be?

Most logos are 3 to 4 colors, but we can create logos with up to 12 colors – still at absolutely no cost to you.

What is the cost for Champion Designs to be at our event?

Absolutely nothing! We actually pay your organization a generous percentage from the impressive gross sales, just for having us there.

What makes Champion Designs unique and different?

In addition to generating sales income at your even, we also offer a lifetime income from after event purchases made by your event attendees at our state-of-the-art online Design Yourself Store. We offer thousands of high quality products and art designs, literally something for everyone. Attendees can even purchase event logo garments after the event – just think, people who couldn’t attend can get a memento and choose their own colors and sizes.

What percentage of sales made will our organization receive?

Contact one of our regional marketing consultants with your event information and they will be happy to put together a proposal for you.

Does Champion Designs do indoor and outdoor events?

Yes, we accommodate any indoor and outdoor events.

How much space does Champion Designs require?

We can make just about any size space work, but would prefer space for 2-3 banquet size tables.

Does Champion Designs need any help at an event?

Absolutely not, we provide helpful professional production and sales staff. You can focus on your event, knowing we’ll handle your attendees courteously and efficiently.

What is the quality of your apparel?

We carry top quality brands – you’ll love the quality and the look.

Will the ink come off garments over time or in the wash?

Absolutely not, our ink is guaranteed not to peel, bleed or crack.

How long does it take to make a shirt?

It’s a quick process, with rare exception each garment only takes 2-3 minutes to create.

Do attendees have a selection of shirt colors and sizes?

We stock a wide variety of styles colors and sizes, including XXL.

Can I still order a shirt after an event?

Yes, absolutely! For this purpose we have an E-Orders online form or you can order quickly and conveniently by phone.

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