We add prestige to sport events by offering a large selection of garments and customized art.


We are inspiring and empowering event organizers to continue their involvement in peoples lives.


We are passionate about making achievements memorable by creating a positive environment at events.


We guarantee income two ways: from sales made at events and from orders by your attendees at our Online Store.

About Champion Designs Co, The On-Site Customized Apparel Providers

Champion Designs Co is nationwide leader in providing imprinted sportswear on-site, for fundraising purposes at events and activities. Our mission: To be America's leading authentic imprinted sportswear company, building strong relationship in a creative and ethical environment.

Through a nationwide network of administrative offices and production facilities, we are currently serving top organizations and sanctioning bodies across the United States, providing our superb service for respective local, regional, national and world championships. These events range from smaller groups to upwards of 30,000 people in attendance.